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The land of Kabardino-Balkaria brings luck to Russian sportsmens
Saturday, 08 May 2010
070510_closing-web.jpgOn Friday, the 7th of May, the closing ceremony of the third round of FIDE Grand Prix took place in the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria in Russia. The highlight of the event was the appearance of its winner, Tatiana Kosintseva, in a traditional costume of Kabardino-Balkaria.

In his welcoming speech, FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said that the FIDE Presidential Board, at a recent meeting in Sofia, had given a very high appraisal of the organization of  the Grand Prix tournament in Nalchik.
- The blessed land of Kabardino-Balkaria has become very fortunate for Russian sports. It was here that, after twenty years, Alexandra Kosteniuk won back the chess crown for us, - emphasized Ilyumzhinov. Kirsan Nikolayevitch laid special stress on the fact that such tournaments are not only important for professional sportsmen but also for chess novices.

President of KBR Arsen Kanokov said that it is already for the third time that such an important chess tournament is held in the republic, and that it is so pleasant to see a Russian player win in Kabardino-Balkaria again. He noted that such tournaments are of great importance because they help improve the general image of the republic. The situation with chess has undergone a considerable change, and it is vital to keep the public interest in chess alive long after a tournament is over.

A special present had been prepared by the organizers for each participant. In conclusion of the ceremony, eminent artists of Kabardino-Balkaria displayed their craft for the viewers.

Please, see the pictorial report in our photo gallery.
Final press-comference
Saturday, 08 May 2010
070510_pc.jpgTatiana Kosintseva and Hou Yifan appeared at the closing press conference in their casual clothes, although later on Tatyana amazed everyone by wearing a traditional Kabardian dress. The first question was the customary one: how was your game today?

Tatiana Kosintseva: - I used Nimzowitsch defence, and I chose the right variant. My opponent made a fast move 13.f3 but I had a knight sacrifice reserved for it in advance. After that White considered for about an hour. I had a huge advantage in time, so I lost my concentration a bit and made a few inaccurate moves. The position  became unclear but, under time pressure, my opponent, in her turn, committed several gross errors. It rendered my advantage even more tangible, and I succeeded in making the most of it.

Hou Yifan: - My rival made a mistake by playing 17...Nе8, and I gained advantage after White’s move to 18.a4. Then, when I moved my queen to b5, I earned a winning position.
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Tatyana Kosintseva is winner of FIDE Grand Prix round in Nalchik
Saturday, 08 May 2010
070510_kosintseva-web-1.jpgTatyana Kosintseva from Russia has scored a convincing victory of the third stage of FIDE Women Grand Prix held in Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria. In the final round  Tatyana defeated Lilit Mkrtchian from Armenia and, having scored 9 points overall, ended up 1.5 points ahead of the immediate second, Hou Yifan from China. Nana Dzagnidze from Georgia and Pia Cramling representing Sweden tied for the third and the fourth places.

The final score-table. FIDE Grand Prix current standings.
10th round press conference
Friday, 07 May 2010
060510_kosintseva-pc.jpgOn completion of the 10th tournament day, Tatyana Kosintseva and Pia Cramling took part in a press conference and answered a few questions. The game between the two of them in this round had been very intense but the Russian chess-player had gained the upper hand. With only one round of the tournament to go, Kosintseva has already secured her overall victory after this win. For a start, both chess players said a few words about their today’s game.

Tatyana Kosintseva: - It was a very tough game. Pia gave me a big surprise in the opening – I hadn’t expected a Rauser. A long forced variant followed. I think I chose quite an acceptable continuation and ensure and was paid off with a good endgame where I had and advantage of two bishops. In the end, on the 40th move, Black played f3. I think it’s a pretty good chance involving a passed pawn. But then it would have been a better option to play 42…Nf8 which would maintain advantage on White’s side but might promise good chances for an escape at the same time.

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