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6th round press conference
Monday, 03 May 2010
020510_hampy.jpg- The first question is going to be a traditional one. How was your game today, can you summarize it?
Koneru Humpy: - The position reminded me of the French defense. The bishop was moved to h7, but probably it should have been moved to e6. At some point she made the wrong move, and I gained the advantage of two bishops in the end-game.We both had time trouble but eventually I won the game.
Hou Yifan: - In the opening the position was rather unclear. She possessed an initiative on the queen’s flank while I tried to attack the king. In the middle of the game there was pretty much equal play but she made a mistake by going 19.Nd2 which instantly gave me a huge advantage.

- Which of the two systems do you prefer: the round robin or the knockout system?
Koneru Humpy: - I think it mainly depends on the mood, but it’s clear that the round robin system out involves having to play against much stronger opponents.
Hou Yifan: - Both the knockout and the round robin are good for me.

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Hou Yifan vs Tatyana Kosintseva: chasing the leader
Monday, 03 May 2010
This Sunday, in the sixth round of the third stage of Women’s Fide Grand Prix tournament in Nalchik, the current leader – Tatyana Kosintseva from Russia – has scored her fifth win, playing with black against her compatriot, Baira Covanova. The close second, vice-champion of the world, Hou Yifan is currently 1.5 points behind. The Chinese player has gained a victory in the game against Elina Danielian from Armenia.

Hou Yifan, playing against Danielian with black pieces in Ragozin’s Queen gambit variation, developed  a strong counterplay in the opening and had good prospects of assaulting the king. One wrong move by her opponent was quite sufficient to launch Yifan into a powerful offensive. It was all over by the 32nd move.

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Lilit Mkrtchian: Sometimes it’s a pleasure to simply enjoy the silence
Sunday, 02 May 2010
020510_mkrtchian-int-1.jpgLilit, is there a chess boom in Armenia now?
Yes, indeed, currently we’re having really eventful chess life in Armenia.  I think you know that the President of our country is also the President of the Armenian Chess Federation and a big chess fan. Perfect conditions have been provided for chess players: we have coaches working with us, and training sessions are held before every tournament. We’re going to have a Panarmenian chess contest, in which Armenian chess players from every corner of the globe will take part.

It is true that all grandmasters in Armenia receive grants?

Yes, all our grandmasters receive pretty good grants.

Lilit, what are your parents?
– My mom is an engineer by profession. My dad used to be a professional wrestler, and repeatedly won the Armenian championship. Then he switched over to coaching.

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5th round press conference
Saturday, 01 May 2010
300410_kosintseva-pc.jpgThe 5th round of women’s Grand Prix leg in Nalchik has also turned out quite prolific in scoring results, although, unlike the previous round of chess battles, it has seen one victory fewer. It was literally with bated breath that both experts and chess-lovers watched the duel of the two leaders: Tatiana Kosintseva and Nana Dzagnidze.
Small wonder that journalists were eager to know about what had happened on the chessboard at first hand. Pia Cramling, having scored an unremarkable draw with Munguntuul Batkhuyag, kept Kosintseva good company. Pia was also the last to finish her game, which seems to have become a usual thing with her here.

- In the opening my opponent chose a rare scheme by shifting her knight to g6. Then an intense situation sharped up. Nana made a mistake by playing 23…Rd5. After that I gained clear advantage, but I somehow let it go – I should have played with more precision. However, I carried on steadily and won, after all.

- Tatyana, tell us about what impressed you the most here in Nalchik?

I spend a lot of time preparing for games, and unfortunately I haven’t yet been able to find a little time to take a walk around the town. I’d like to thank all the people that take care of us here. I don’t feel uncomfortable in any way, and it’s nice to see such a loving attitude displayed  toward chess and all the competitors.

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