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Two rounds of the tournament have not yet defined the clear leader
Wednesday, 28 April 2010
280410_but-web.jpgThe second round of a third stage of Grand Prix FIDE among women taking place in Nalchik has brought a victory to three chess players. Thus, again, all victories have been gained with the white pieces. We note that, despite a great deal of active play, none of the participants managed to obtain 2 points out of two games.

 Tuesday also didn’t go without surprises. The main favorite of the tournament – Humpy Koneru sustained a defeat against Bathkuyag Munguntuul. In the Sicilian defense, the Indian player applied a sharp continuation. However, her opponent did not start attacking, and played in positional style, having kept thus a small advantage. In a complicated position Koneru undertook an unsuccessful exchange of two minor pieces for the rook. After that, Bat began to play very strongly. She controlled the key squares in the centre of the board and didn’t leave her  opponent any chance to save the game.

After yesterday’s victory the Russian player- Baira Kovanova, playing with black pieces, didn’t show worthy resistance  to the Georgian player- Nana Dzagnidze. On choosing a rare enough variant of the Queen's Indian defense, Baira made quite a big mistake already on the 12-th move, and was obliged to give two minor pieces for the rook. The white pieces turned out to be considerably more active and black king also was in a danger. On the 30-rd move blacks admitted their defeat.
Zhu Chen became the third winner of the second day of the competition. In the Nimzo-Indian Defence Qatar player obtained a considerable advantage in the duel with Lilit Mkrtchjan. Until the certain moment the Armenian player was protecting in a good way and in the time trouble of her opponent she was close to equalize the position. However, she has passed by good continuations for several times and after the 40-th move her position became very difficult. Chen’ started to play more confident and on the 56-th move has achieved the victory.

The Chinese player Zhao Xue didn’t make any problem to Tatyana Kosintseva in the opening of the game. On the 21-d move Russian player begin to repeat the moves and to the after the couple of moves the draw agreement was followed.

Swedish player Pia Cramling has demonstrated the new plan in the Sicilian defense with black. Her opponent – the Chinese player Hou Ifan – preferred to fix equality instead of tempting fate. On the24-d move the competitors began to repeat the moves and after few moves fixed a drawn game.

Turkish Betul Yildiz has a complicated game in the Catalan defense in the game against Elina Danielian from Armenia. The initiative was intercepted by the competitors by turns, but finally the game came to the equal Queen’s endgame.

In the first two rounds victories were obtained only by the white pieces. Let’s see how black will manage with the same task.
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