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I like to jump with a skipping rope
Friday, 30 April 2010
300410_yifan.jpg- Yifan, how many times did you visit Nalchik?
- I am in Nalchik for the second time. I was here in 2008 on the Chess Championship.

- Do you like this town?
- I like it very much, because the air is fresher than in China, the vegetation is beautiful and very
green. People are very kind. It is nice here.

- You live in Beijing now. What do you like more: big cities or small towns like Nalchik?

- I prefer living in big cities just for several days. But for long living I prefer only small towns.

- What means of travelling do you prefer?

- Metro is so fast and usually I use it. But I prefer bicycle.

- Do you like the local cuisine or you prefer the Chinese?
- The local food is good, but usually I prefer the Chinese.

- Do you have many friends?
- Yes, the majority of them are from the chess world.

300410_hou-int-1.jpg- What other kinds of sports are you keen of? Do you have any hobby?
- I like swimming and also I am fond of skipping-rope. Sometimes I like learning something new, now I am studying English.

- Do you like to sing, what about karaoke?
- I visited it for several times and tried to sing, but I like listening more.

- Do you spend a lot of time with a computer?
- Yes, that’s why I am the person wearing spectacles.

- Well, do you often use the Internet to play chess?

- Not much. I usually prefer playing with my coacher or with other chess-players.

- Do you like travelling and how many countries did you visit?
- Yes, I like travelling very much; I visited more than ten countries. Most of all I liked France.

- Did you visit some fashion boutiques there?
- No, that time I was younger than now and I just went sightseeing. I visited interesting places and I liked Eiffel Tower very much.

- Do you spend a lot of time to choose your dress?
- No. I make my decision very quickly. I just don’t like some colors. My favorites are purple and black and white.

290410_hou-intewiev-2.jpg- With whom do you like to travel?
- I don’t like travelling alone. When I am with my coacher, he helps me in chess. When I travel with my mother, she helps me in my daily life. I feel comfortable with both of them.

- What country are you going to visit next time?
- I will visit several tournaments in China, and then I will go to the next Grand Prix in Armenia, Jermuk.

- Would you like to win?

- Now I don’t think about it, I just play chess.

- Is chess the most important thing in your life now?

- Yes, maybe chess is the most important thing in my life, but studying and some others things are also important for me.

I wish you good luck.
Thank you.
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