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Baira Kovanova: I would like to work in the public prosecutor's office
Wednesday, 28 April 2010
270410_kovanova-int-1.jpg- Were you happy in your childhood?
- Yes, my childhood was happy till I was 10. At this age I started to learn chess seriously. I   began take part in the competitions, and my cheerful chess life has begun. Till 10 years I was an normal child. I was reproved at school constantly, and my mum had to come to school and speak to the headmaster. When I began playing chess, I stopped attending school. But I had to study. When I was 17, I was transferred to Kalmyk State University, the State Law Academy, to the  Investigatory-kriminalistic faculty. There my funny life began: I had many new friends.

- Do you have any chess friends?
My closest friend is Natasha Pogorina. She is my best friend from the chess world. We are on friendly terms with her, her husband and their child.

- Do you study with the help of computer?

- Yes.

- Do you play any games on it?

- Well, for example, I like to visit the web-site Vkontakte. Every day you can get acquainted with many new people.

- Do you spend much time in the beauty salons?
- Yes, shops are also my weakness. I go for shopping in Nalchik already, as I have a friend here, we studied at Law Academy together. Yesterday she invited me to go for sightseeing. I have many friends here.

- What was your first impression of Nalchik?
- I liked the way they met me at the airport. I came with my father and I did not know where he would stay. But we did not have any problems; however, as the person who was delegated to look after us solved it at all. He worried about us, constantly asked us if we needed anything. It is fantastic!

280410_kovanova-interview-1.jpg- Is there any connection between KBR and Kalmykia?
- Once upon a time Kalmyk khans used to steal Kabardian girls and marry them. I do not know any other connections. Kalmykia is 500 km far from Nalchik. My father and I came here by car. The trip took around 5 hours. It is very convenient as we do not have to fly.

- And what about travelling?
- I enjoy it.

- What trip impressed you most?
- The first country which I visited was Spain. Probably, it was the brightest impression. At that time, I went there with my friends and it was great.

- What did you like most there?
- I liked the country in general. Many people like Spain. People there are very good-natured.

- Have you been to many countries?

- Not so many. Actually, chess gives an opportunity to see the world. You can go anywhere, if only you have a desire. My couch forbids me that, saying, that I’ll manage with it later. Currently, the most important task is to concentrate to chess, travel will come a little bit later. I’ll manage with it, I think.
I am studying now as a second-year postgraduate. I am specialized in civil law and I have some problems there, because the head of the department puts pressure upon me. She says: «Either you make the dissertation, or you play tournaments». Instead of being here I should be present on the faculty meeting on my dissertation discussion.

- Where would you like to work besides chess?

- Yes, sure. Now I am working with the Civil law. It is one of the most prestigious specialties, but very difficult. I would like to work in the Office of Public Prosecutor. Let’s see.
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