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5th round press conference
Saturday, 01 May 2010
300410_kosintseva-pc.jpgThe 5th round of women’s Grand Prix leg in Nalchik has also turned out quite prolific in scoring results, although, unlike the previous round of chess battles, it has seen one victory fewer. It was literally with bated breath that both experts and chess-lovers watched the duel of the two leaders: Tatiana Kosintseva and Nana Dzagnidze.
Small wonder that journalists were eager to know about what had happened on the chessboard at first hand. Pia Cramling, having scored an unremarkable draw with Munguntuul Batkhuyag, kept Kosintseva good company. Pia was also the last to finish her game, which seems to have become a usual thing with her here.

- In the opening my opponent chose a rare scheme by shifting her knight to g6. Then an intense situation sharped up. Nana made a mistake by playing 23…Rd5. After that I gained clear advantage, but I somehow let it go – I should have played with more precision. However, I carried on steadily and won, after all.

- Tatyana, tell us about what impressed you the most here in Nalchik?

I spend a lot of time preparing for games, and unfortunately I haven’t yet been able to find a little time to take a walk around the town. I’d like to thank all the people that take care of us here. I don’t feel uncomfortable in any way, and it’s nice to see such a loving attitude displayed  toward chess and all the competitors.

- Tomorrow is a day off for you. Have you got any plans?
I’m looking forward to going to Prielbrusye which I’ve been told a great deal about.

300410_cramling-pc-1.jpg- You became European champion two years ago. Did it motivate you to pursue further accomplishments?
-    That was my second title of that scale. Surely, I was happy to make it once again because it’s really hard to win such a title twice. It’s been a year now, though, we’ve got a new champion, and I’ve got many more tournaments before me.

- Would you like to try on the world champion’s crown?
I’m going to do my best and try to play well in each game, but you just can’t tell what’s going to happen. I’ll keep training and doing my theory. Of course, I‘d love to be champion of the world.

- You’re going to play against your compatriot, Baira Kovanova, in the next round…
- The fact that Baira and I both represent Russia makes no difference at all. It’s going to be just another game with another opponent, and the preparations will be as serious as usual.

Pia Cramling, who seems to have been infected with a draw syndrome during the last few tournaments, was the next to appear in the press center.

- I didn’t gain any benefit in the opening gambit,- the Swedish player told the journalists.- My opponent almost got things equalized. But then there came the end-game with a spare pawn. I should have created more problems for my opponent but, of course, it was bound to end in a draw.

-You’ve been playing on the highest level at different tournaments for many years. Are you tired of chess?
- I love chess, but since I became a mother I have had to spend a great deal of time with my family, my daughter. I’m planning to play less in the future, not as much as now.

- Ever think of yourself becoming world champion?
- Of course, every chess player aims at champion’s title but I don’t view the chess crown as an end in itself. I simply play for pure enjoyment.

- How come you’ve already been a resident of Spain for twenty years? Do you miss Sweden?
- I love Spain, and, naturally enough, I do miss Sweden. However, I keep travelling around a lot and frequently visit my home. There are lots of German, Russian and Swedish communities in Spain, so I have quite a lot of communication with my compatriots.

300410_cramling-pc.jpg- Is it true that you love listening to Julio Iglesias?
- No, that’s my husband. I prefer Enrique.

- Have you got any pets?

- My husband and I are both professional chess players, and we travel a lot. For that reason, unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to keep pets.

- You are this year’s European champion. Did you expect to win the title?
- I was very happy to win it, and it was my second one, by the way. I never really stopped to think about winning and just played to my heart’s content. Sometimes all the odds seem to to be in your favour. Certainly I’m very glad I managed to become European champion.

- What are you going to do after finishing your career?
- It seems tome I’ll keep on playing chess for the rest of my life

-    What do you think about the idea of organizing the women’s Grand Prix?
-    It’s a good idea. I like this scheme in which the world champion’s title will be contested in a match between the Grand Prix winner and the winner of the world championship on a knockout system. I like knockout system tournaments but it would be just fair to determine the world’s strongest chess player in a match.
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