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Tatyana Kosintseva became the leader of the Grand Prix series in Nalchik
Thursday, 29 April 2010
280410_kosintseva-web.jpgThe Russian Tatyana Kosintseva became the one of the participants who managed to win in the third round of the 3rd stage of the Fide Grand Prix tournament in Nalchik. It was the duel with Alina Daniela from Armenia, which proceeded more than five hours and came to the end on a 60 move. This success moved the Russian chessplayer to the head of the tournament table.
 The other five games of the third game day of Grand Prix series ended to a draw.

Kosintseva didn’t receive any advantaged in the opening, playing with white pieces in Sicilian defense. However, the opponent of the Russian chessplayer delayed with game on the queen side and allowed her to develop attack to the king. After knight sacrifice it seemed, that black didn’t have a chance to escape, but Tatyana made some mistakes in a time trouble and the game came into a rook’s endgame. Though Kosintseva had an extra pawn, Danielian had good chances to make the game in draw, but she didn’t managed to use this chance.

Another Russian chess-player Baira Kovanova surprised both experts and her opponent Zhu Chen when she suggested ending the game in draw, though she had an appreciable advantage.
In the opening, that is in the Philidor Defenc the Russian allowed her opponent to equalize the game, but then after the change combination Baira received the best endgame with the passed pawn. But on  the 30 move Kovanova started to repeat the position and then agreed to a draw.

280410_zal-web.jpgLilit Mkrtchan from Armenia was close to the victory that day. The Armenian chess-player demonstrated  a good preparation with white against the  Benoni Defense in the game with  the Chinese Hou Iyfan. Lilit had a great advantage and won a pawn in the middlegame. But in a time trouble Mkrtchan made some blunders and finally she had to save less a pawn endgame.

The Swedish chess player Pia Cramling in the Nimco-Indian defense got little advantage against Zhao Xue, and practically kept the superior position. The Chinese player, however, didn’t make any rude mistakes; she was changing the figures and in endgame gradually equated the game.
Turkish player Betul Yldiz had an obvious advantage also, in the endgame against Batkhuyag Munguntuul, but in a moment she passed by the strongest continuation and black could consolidate the position. On the 37 move the drawn agreement has followed.

Nana Dgagnadge from Georgia In the game with Humpy Koneru from India applied an unusual plan in the Nimzo-Indian defense and practically equated the game in the opening. The white preserved little pressure so that the Georgian player had to demonstrate some accuracy. The draw agreement was followed on the 43 move.
The third round gave us only one victory, perhaps, some of the participants started displacing caution.  The participants will have to play two more rounds before the day off.
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