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3rd round press conference
Thursday, 29 April 2010
280410_chen-press.jpgThe third game day on the Fide Women Grand Prix in Nalchik was victorious only for the Russia player - Tatiana Kosintseva, who needed five hours to overcome Elina Danielian. But she wasn’t alone on the press-conference. Though the Chinesse player Zhu Chen finished this time the game in a draw, the journalist’s interest to her personality didn’t diminish.

- Have you come to Nalchik for the victory?
- I’m not sure that I’ll win. It depends on luck; all the players here are really strong. Any participant of this tournament can manage to win. I’ll try not to repeat the result I showed in Nanjing.

- In what else are you interested in except chess?
-The most important thing for me is to spend time with my kids, parents and husband. I used to devote most of my time to chess, that’s why I wanted now to do my duties.

- Is Chess your profession?

- Yes it is. Due to the small population they are not so popular. I’m the only professional chess player there. I can’t do something as good as I play chess. Unless to teach children to play chess.

- How do you feel yourself in Qatar? Do you have any fans?
- I feel great. I hope that I have many of them around the world. We have a lot of amateur players, and I think they believe in me

- Do you use Internet for communication?
- I have my own page on the Facebook I have a lot of interesting friends there. I like Facebook, as far as you can find people you haven’t seen for a long time.

- Do you have such a hobby that could change your life in a way you choose something different from chess?
- I think that nothing can change my attitude to chess.
280410_kosintseva-press.jpgTatiana Kosintseva was finished the last one for this day. And first of all we her about the game.

- The game was very complicated. It was unclear after the opening. Then Elina made her king week and I got a strong attack. In the leg of time we both made the mistakes. I think when I sacrificed the knight it was wining for me. In the endgame it was close to the equality but after a couple of my opponent mistakes I could realize an extra pawn in the rook’s endgame.

- Do you feel most comfortable in a leader position or prefer to sit out on start, and then to do your best on finish?
- I did not think about it, I just try to play each round with all efforts; I try to use all chances in each round. Then the choice of the tactics and game strategy depends on the results of the previous game.

- You play the next round with black against Munguntuul. Did you play with her before?

- It is quite strange but we never played with earlier. I was not interested what Bat plays till now, but I am ready to “fight”.

- Two years ago, the World Championship passed on a knockout system and at that time your father and sister were with you. Now the system is round and you are without your relatives….
- First, these tournaments are absolutely different. Ofcorse, when your relatives are with you, so you have great psychological support. Despite their absence I feel their support, I always ask Nadya for an advice.

- What result will satisfy you on this tournament?
- I do not make an accent on a result. The quality of the game interests me. It is more important for me to play beautifully and productively.

- Which of three duels was the most difficult so far in this tournament?
- The last one, with Elina. There were zeitnot and mistakes. It lasted for five hours.
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