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2nd round press conference
Wednesday, 28 April 2010
280410_dzagnigze-pk.jpgOn the second day three chess players were lucky, but unfortunately there were no Russian players among them. Again, as in the first round all three wins - by Nana Dzagnidge, Munguntuul Bathuyag and Zhu Chen - were achieved by white pieces.
Representatives of Mongolia and Georgia came to the press conference. Chinese player Chen, also wins from Lilit Mkrtchian right in the end after a long and stubborn game. So the journalists decided not to disturb her this day.

- Nana, couldn’t you tell us about yourself, your family, about the place you studied in and who brought you to chess?
- I was born in the city of Kutaisi: graduated from two faculties - of Law and of International Relations. Currently I play only chess, as this year there are going to be a lot of tournaments: an Olympiad, World Championship, two tournaments of the  Grand Prix. Now I’m busy only with chess, we’ll see afterwards.

- Were you raised in a chess family?
- My family is a sport one, not only chess. My brother was playing tennis, my sister plays volleyball. Currently I live in Tbilisi. I also used to play volleyball, but gave preference to the chess game. It was my father who brought me to chess, he respected greatly Nana Alexandria and in her honor he gave me my name.

- Weren’t you afraid to come to Nalchik?

- No. I didn’t come two years ago to the only reason - I hadn’t rights to play in the World championship. I hope to have one more chance to come here again as I liked the city and the place in general. It is beautiful here.

- Munguntuul, which coming here you liked more: this time or your first experience?
- This time I haven’t been anywhere yet, but two years ago we were taken to Chegemsky Waterfalls, Blue Lakes, Elbrus mountain, we even managed to rise up to the mountains. Impressions are unforgettable.

280410_dzagnigze-bat-web.jpg- One of the stages of Grand Prix tournament will be organized in Mongolia, couldn’t you tell us about details of preparations for it?
- They are preparing in a very serious way. I can say, that participants will be seated in the “Chingis-Khan” or “Cempinski” hotels, which have also good playing halls. I think we’ll have the good conditions there.

- The fact that one of the stages will be held in Mongolia, please, tells us about people’s interest in chess in this country. And how far is it popularized in Mongolia and why have you chosen chess?
- Every member of Mongolian family plays chess; it is loved in the country. My father used to play, taught my elder brother and sister, and after me. The elders gave up playing inspite of me.

- You have a good command of Russian, accordingly we can make a conclusion that you study in Russia.

- You are absolutely right. I’m a fifth year student of the Russian State Social University.
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