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In the first round - four victories with a white color
Monday, 26 April 2010
260410_yildiz.jpgIn Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, the 1st round of the third stage of the FIDE Grand Prix series among women took  place. Four of them came to the end with successful results. And all the games were won with white pieces.

The main unexpected event of the first round was that the outsider from Turkey Juldiz Betul  won against the leader of the Grand Prix Series Zhao Xue. In this game the Chinese player chose the Alekhine defense and easily equalized the game.
The game gradually passed in a two-edged endgame, in which Zhao made a blunder and allowed the opponent to pass the pawn into the queen.
The debutant of Grand Prix series the Russian Tatyana Kosintseva won, while playing with the vice-world champion Hou Yifan from China. In a sharp variant of the French defense Tatyana took the initiative and received advantage in the middlegame. However, Hou  managed to balance position after the series of exchanges. But in a time trouble Chinese player chose a false plan on the 34 move and, having received advantage in the second time, Kosintseva confidently won the game.

The convincing victory over the Mongol Bat Munguntuul was gained by the second Russian chessplayer - Baira Kovanova. In Sicilian defense she led attack on the whole board. Without having allowed the king of the opponent to make the castling, Baira has won a piece, and through some courses all the game.

260410_koneru.jpgHumpy Koneru from India played very strong the opening - Grunfeld defense. On the 20th move she received a position with clear advantage against Armenian Elina Danielian. Black have a little delayed with counterplay and finally received the lost endgame.

Zhu Chen from Qatar and Nana Dzagnidze from Georgia played the Moscow variant of Slav defense and checked each other on the knowledge of the debut theory, having made for about 30 well-known moves. After that there was an absolutely equal endgame on the board.

In a hard-fought battle the duel of Pia Cramling from Sweden and Lilit Mkrtchian from Armenia proceeded with mutual chances. In a pursuit for the initiative the white ones risked and were very close to defeat. After a time trouble the party has passed in the endgame with an extra pawn for white, but only black had chances for victory. However Lilit couldn’t use it, and on the 47th move the draw agreement were followed.

A very fighting round, we will look what will be tomorrow!
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