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Final press-comference
Saturday, 08 May 2010
070510_pc.jpgTatiana Kosintseva and Hou Yifan appeared at the closing press conference in their casual clothes, although later on Tatyana amazed everyone by wearing a traditional Kabardian dress. The first question was the customary one: how was your game today?

Tatiana Kosintseva: - I used Nimzowitsch defence, and I chose the right variant. My opponent made a fast move 13.f3 but I had a knight sacrifice reserved for it in advance. After that White considered for about an hour. I had a huge advantage in time, so I lost my concentration a bit and made a few inaccurate moves. The position  became unclear but, under time pressure, my opponent, in her turn, committed several gross errors. It rendered my advantage even more tangible, and I succeeded in making the most of it.

Hou Yifan: - My rival made a mistake by playing 17...Nе8, and I gained advantage after White’s move to 18.a4. Then, when I moved my queen to b5, I earned a winning position.

- Yifan, are you pleased with your second place?
070510_kosintseva-pc.jpg- It’s impossible always to be number one. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I just try to play well instead of worrying too much about the overall result.

- Tatiana, can you pick out the best and the toughest game you played at this tournament?
- I can’t say which one was the best. As for the toughest one, I think it’s yesterday’s game against Cramling: first of all, it was very long, and, secondly, it was extremely important. I wanted to make proper use of white pieces and interrupt my draw series. I was particularly focused on it. It wasn’t the only tough game, though. The game against Yildiz in the 9th round was pretty difficult as well, and I was on the verge of defeat in it.

- What about you, Hou, which game sticks in your memory?
- I never thought about it. Well, I have nice memories of the game against Zhao Xue. The games I lost were all tough, there were four of them at this tournament.

The ninth of May marks the beginning of men’s Grand Prix. Will you be supporting anyone?

Tatiana Kosintseva: - I’ll be watching it online, as usual. As for supporting, I really don’t know.
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