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9th round press conference
Thursday, 06 May 2010
- The first question will be a traditional one. How was your game?

Yifan: - I had a pretty good position today but I made some mistakes which made things better for my opponent. She shouldn’t have captured on f4. To make things worse, she committed an error, and I won. Yesterday, in the game against Dzagnidze, d4 was the wrong move: I didn’t notice that after Bd5 she could move the knight to h3 and then to h4. Later on, I had a chance to draw in the ‘queen and knight vs. queen and bishop’ endgame but I didn’t play well enough and lost the game.

Munguntuul: - I didn’t know this opening variant and played on my own. Instead of making that e4 move, she should have guarded herself by playing f3. When I was going for that position I didn’t calculate anything. I thought it was a good playing position with initiative.

- I have a question for both girls. Do you think chess is a gamble or a real sport?
Yifan: - Chess is a sport to me, not an entertaining game. I’m a professional player.
Munguntuul: - Chess is definitely a sport to me too. Am I a reckless player? I really don’t know. I think if two persons are contending against each other, it’s a sport.

050510_pc.jpg- A question for both girls. The first of May was a day off at the tournament, and you must have been out. Would you, please, tell us where you went and what you saw?
Munguntuul: - Actually I didn’t  go out at all. My Dad and I just had a stroll in the neighbourhood of the hotel. But I was here two years ago, and I got to see a lot of interesting things. I got to see the mountains. There almost wasn’t a place I didn’t visit – it was so beautiful! It was the first time I had ever seen a waterfall in my life. I loved everything.
Yifan: - On the first of May I was in Prielbrusye. I had never seen snow-capped mountains before because I had never been up in that sort of mountains in China. It was unforgettable.
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