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1st round press conference
Monday, 26 April 2010
260410_koneru-pc.jpgAfter the end of the first round of the tournament four winners answered to the journalist’s questions. Press conference has started with the traditional question ‘how was the game?”

– Koneru: I have received small overweight with a passed pawn on d5, the opponent has made not a successful move 21…Rd8 though it was necessary to play 21…a6 with a good chances to equalize the game. After that I began winning. In the endgame I sacrificed the bishop and won the game.

– Kosintseva:  Today's game was difficult and interesting. I was successful with the chess opening and received a big overweight in time. The position remained difficult and dynamic. In the endgame the black made a mistake by taking the pawn on e5 by the queen. Black came in troubles and after a couple of mistakes I won.

– Kovanova: My opponent wasn’t so successful, while playing. I had a big advantage after the opening. At one moment I gave Bat a chance, but because of the time troubles she didn’t see the strong move, and it was easy for me to deal with the endgame.

260410_kosintseva-pc.jpg– Baira, what is the difference between the Grand Prix tournament in Nanjing and in Nalchik?

– In China it is the great difference in time; it is easy to play here, because it is Moscow time. There are lots of differences: the new place, the new playing room, there is less space for walking here. But in general, I like both Nankeen and Nalchik.

– Tatiana, what do you think about the tournament?

It is very interesting to play here because, the participants are strong. I try to do my best in this tournament.

– Why did you come here alone?
– I planned to come with my sister. But now she is preparing for another tournament that is why she was not able to come to Nalchik.

– Humpy, you are in Nalchik not for the first time. What do you think about the town?

– I have good expressions about Nalchik, which I have visited in 2008 for the first time on The World championship. I am very happy to be here again. This tournament is very serious and it would be not so easy to show the good results here.

Julduz Betul was the last who came to the press-conference.

– This game was very important for me because it opened the tournament, – said Betul. – Xue surprised me in the opening when she chosen an Alekhine defence. There was very complicated in the middlegame – my opponent has one passed pawn. In the endgame I made an exchange sacrifice, move my pawn to a7 and won the game. 

260410_yildiz-pc-1.jpg– Many Kabardians and Balkarians live in Turkey, do you have friends or relatives from the Diaspora?

– I have many friends and relatives, but most of them are Turkeys.

Does anybody takes you here as a local girl?

No, but some part of mine is Russian. My family came from Trabzone and my father is Cherkess descendant.

– What can you say about the tournament?

–It is the most strong and serious one among the others (Nankeen, Istanbul). I do not think that I will come out on top, but I hope to make a grandmaster norm here.

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