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10th round press conference
Friday, 07 May 2010
060510_kosintseva-pc.jpgOn completion of the 10th tournament day, Tatyana Kosintseva and Pia Cramling took part in a press conference and answered a few questions. The game between the two of them in this round had been very intense but the Russian chess-player had gained the upper hand. With only one round of the tournament to go, Kosintseva has already secured her overall victory after this win. For a start, both chess players said a few words about their today’s game.

Tatyana Kosintseva: - It was a very tough game. Pia gave me a big surprise in the opening – I hadn’t expected a Rauser. A long forced variant followed. I think I chose quite an acceptable continuation and ensure and was paid off with a good endgame where I had and advantage of two bishops. In the end, on the 40th move, Black played f3. I think it’s a pretty good chance involving a passed pawn. But then it would have been a better option to play 42…Nf8 which would maintain advantage on White’s side but might promise good chances for an escape at the same time.

Pia Cramling: it was really a rather unpleasant endgame. White had pair of bishops available, and one had to play with caution, but at some moment I made the wrong moves. There were some tactical complications after f3, and a few chances to secure a draw still remained – I just shouldn’t have played f8 with my knight on the 42nd move.

060510_cramling-pc.jpg- Pia, grandmaster Evgeny Sveshnikov, who is currently working as a commentator here, has noted that you practically never get into bad positions at this tournament…
- Well, I got into one today… But, actually, I try to enjoy playing and learn my lessons from each game. My secret is in enjoying the very process of playing.

- Talking about you, Tatiana, he said that you play really well in the last stage of the game. You don’t get under time pressure and, if you do, you deal with it just fine.

- I think I’m pretty good in middlegame. I did have problems with time trouble, though. Probably they just weren’t too serious and didn’t tell on the result. Time pressure is, actually, one of the problems I’m working hard to solve.

- Do you like blitz games?
- I love them. My sister and I often play training blitz games.

- And what about “Fischer’s chess”?
- No, I never tried that. I only tried it on a computer for a couple of times.

- Pia, does your husband, grandmaster Bellon, support you during tournaments and worry about your results?
- Sure he does. We’re in touch all the time. He supports me no matter what my results are because he knows I’m trying really hard to play to the best of my ability.

- Pia, which system do you prefer: knockout or round robin?
- I like both but I do prefer knockout: if you’re in good shape – you can get pretty far, if you’re not – out you go right away. Grand Prix tournaments are really of a high level and very important. On the other hand, they take quite a long time. I would very much appreciate it if, in addition to the lengthy tournaments, there would also be shorter ones. Many chess-players, including me, have families which we wouldn’t want to abandon for too long.

- Tatyana, what do you think about the introduction of Grand Prix? Does this tournament give chess-players additional chances in their struggle for the world champion’s title?
- Of course it does. However, the system has become more complicated. Round robin tournaments are very important. Unlike the knockout tournaments, they allow you a chance to make things right even if you had a bad start.

- Tatyana, has anybody congratulated you yet?
- Yes, my parents already called. They’re very happy. They’ve been calling me every day. They won’t be able to come here for the closing but are sure to give me a warm welcome back in Arkhangelsk.
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